International Youth Football Tournaments
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Helsingin Palloseura

Finnish Helsingin Palloseura (HPS) arrives in Madrid with Fútbol In Events

The centenary club will learn our training methodology and enjoy several friendly matches in the Spanish capital. We continue to expand borders, continue to grow and continue to make sport-cultural exchanges with teams from all over the world. This time it is the Helsingin Palloseura, Finnish club that in this 2017 fulfills a whopping 100



I In Cup Campeones Tournament for U-10 and U-12 categories

FÚTBOL IN EVENTS organizes this new event, first one in Madrid, for those teams that have achieved the top positions in their respective classifications of the federation competition which takes place during the year. We want to recognize this effort, Queremos reconocer el inestimable esfuerzo que supone este logro, not only in result, but the



Do you want to participate in an International Soccer Tournament?

We have a solution for those youth soccer players that wants to play in our International Tournaments (Torrevieja International Cup, Real Sitio Cup o Real Women Cup) organized by Futbol In Events and have no team. You can register individually. Thecnical Soccer Academy FOOTBALL STRICKERS will make a selection of players so you can enjoy


Logo Torrevieja International Cup

Torrevieja International Cup, Youth Soccer Tournament in Holy Week

Torrevieja will host another year hundreds of boys and girls ready to enjoy of unforgettable soccer days. Last year 2000 player participated in tournament and this edition can overpass this number. Futbol In Events, in association with Football Strikers, are working hard to guarantee a successful event. Two months left to this soccer party starts.